A Wish for Ahna

We have a new Wish Day recipient!!! Ahna Rasmussen, age 11. Ahna was diagnosed with Poorly differentiated thyroid cancer with a papillary component and has relapsed after original diagnosis. This type of cancer is very rare, aggressive and difficult to treat. It is so rare that there have only been a few cases in children, only a few cases in children in the entire WORLD. Since this is so rare in children the Children’s Cancer centers are not able to treat her and she is being treated as an adult. Due to her being treated as an adult, she doesn't get all of the special attention from the foundations and organizations in St. Louis. Ahna looks like any other beautiful 11 year old girl, but the difference is She has a horrible monster growing inside her body. When people see her, they don’t see that she’s a sick girl, who is fighting for her life, because she doesn’t look like other children with cancer. Not everyone with cancer looks sick, or has a bald head. You never know the battles that another person may be fighting. So, because this precious little girl is now fighting this monster for a second time and this family hasn’t had the support through the cancer center like we did since the beginning of her treatment, #KeirastrongForever is giving her a special day! No family should have to go through this on their own! So, let’s show this family how amazing our group is and how they are not alone! #NoOneFightsAlone #AWishForAhna #SupportingAhna

Ahna’s wish was to enjoy a typical “pre-tween” day with her girlfriends. She wanted a day of magic and joy that cancer couldn’t touch. Our #overachieving Wish Day team flew into action and once again, made the impossible...possible.


ahna wish day.jpg