A Wish for Grant

Our wish day for Grant was scheduled for the end of November and things were well underway to grant his wish of being able to go to Chuck E Cheese and be able to ride on a firetruck. However, still one month before his scheduled wish day event, his parents received the devastating news that he had days if a couple weeks to live because his tumors had tripled in size and metastasized to his lungs. Our wish day team flew into action and we were able to recreate being together for one last time on Christmas morning. The same night as we received the details, the battle cry was sent out to hundreds of people and gifts were personally shopped for and wrapped for Grant, his 2 brothers and his mom and dad. We received well over 200 gifts for this family in a matter of a few hours. Fresh snow was shoveled in overnight by 3 different fire stations and placed on their front lawn. In just over 24 hours, our wish day team had achieved the impossible.   When the door opened on Sunday morning, the family was greeted by Santa on his sleigh full of presents, 2 live Reindeer from Show Me Reindeer and the #KeiraStrong Wish Day team holding a banner that said “Welcome to your wish day”. The family and wish day team hosted a snowball fight in the snow, opened presents together as a family, ate freshly baked Christmas cookies and listened to Christmas carolers who sang “Silent Night” outside their house. In addition, Grant’s original wish day included transforming each of the boy’s bedrooms into a theme of their choice. Led by a local interior designer and fellow cancer mom, the big reveal was set to take place in late November. Sadly, since Grant’s passing on November 8th, his original wish day will not take place but it is our greatest hope that we can still provide the brothers with the second part of the wish day in his honor.  

grant's wish day pics.png