A Wish for Sydney

Sydney was greeted by Belle at the Pacific Opera house and told by Robin that today was her wish day. Sydney and her sisters had their makeup and nails done by the princess and then specially made dresses from Mrs. United States, Lauren Ziegler to wear. As they were enjoying some ice cream, they were surprised by a white stretch limousine with Lamborghini-style doors from JED limousine that was decorated inside just for Sydney. The limo took them to Once Upon a Time ranch where they were greeted by all of the princesses from Dream Time Princess events.  Sydney was led over a magical white bridge and into a gazebo to the song “Warrior” by Hannah Kerr playing loudly over the sound system. She took pictures with all the princesses and they took turns telling her how brave she was. Sydney was crowned and sashed by Mrs. United states and given the title “Lil Warrior”. The real surprise was waiting around the corner of a large field for Sydney. Walking through a sea of flower petals, Sydney turned the corner to see a real live unicorn waiting for her.

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sydney's wish day pic.png